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Sunteți pe pagina 1din 2 Căutați în document Sastry, N. Thomas, C. Pathak, N. Forages and Livestock Production 2. Chatterjee, B. Forage Crop Production 3.

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Reddy, D. Fodder Production and Grassland Management for Veterinarians 4. Handbook of Agriculture 2. Fundamentals of Statistics - S. Gupta 3.

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Biostatistical Analysis - Zar 6. Fundamentals of Biostatistical Analysis - Rosner 1. Genetics by Monroe W. Book helminthology 2.

Helminths: Intestinal Nematodes Part 1 (features, clinical importance, diagnosis, treatment)

Introduction to Book helminthology Genetics by D. Falconer 4. Concepts f Genetics by Klug and Cummings 5.

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  • Atlas of Medical Helminthology and Book helminthology

Textbook of Animal Breeding by S. Tomar Textbook of Animal Breeding by S. Review of Medical Physiology - William Ganong. Reproduction in Farm Animals - by E. Adaptation in Domestic animals - E. Hafez and B. Veterinary Parasitology - G. Urquhart et. Introduction to Animal Parasitology - J. Bhatia, K. Banerjee 5. Veterinary Helminthology - T. Kassai 6.

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General Veterinary Parasitology - P. Jain 7. Manual of General Veterinary Parasitology - S. Gupta 8.

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Manual of Veterinary Helminthology - S. Chaudhari, et. Bhatia 4. Primary Veterinary Anatomy- R. Text Book of Veterinary Histology-H. Dieter Dellmann. Atlas of Histology-Victor P. Essentials of Veterinary Embryology-R. Bacha, Jr. Linda M. Vertebrate Embryology- Robert S. Microbiology - 4th ed.

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Prescott, Herley and Klein 2. Veterinary Immunology - 7th ed. Tizard 2. Immunology - Janus Kuby 1. Veterinary Microbiology - Dwight C.

Hirsh 2. Ganti Sastri and Rama Pao. Feldman, Zinkl and Jain.

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ISBN: 1. Meat Hygiene 10th ed. Meat Science 6th Ed. Feeds and Principles of Animal Nutrition - by G.

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